Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look at M e Columbia

Dear Readers - Two days ago, I was cruising Manhunt and my old fuck buddy, Victor, asked if he could come and fuck my hot ass. Victor was the guy from the post "Viva La Columbia." He is an incredible fuck but the last time we had hooked up was several months ago and I didn't know if it was because of my reluctance because of my feelings for my boyfriend or because Victor wasn't interested anymore. I am a good deal older than him so I fear that he might want someone younger. I do have a bias myself against men under 30 simply because I don't think they really know how to have sex. I know I know I shouldn't have such assumptions but in my experience men under 30 aren't so interested in turning me on as they are on pleasing themselves.  Thankfully I am proven wrong by my Colombian every time we have sex. He likes that I'm bigger than him and older. I don't know why, but I'm happy.

Victor requested that I wear a thong. One of my favorite things to wear for a guy. I feel so sexy and I love the way the strap rubs my pucker, constantly reminding me that I have a hole. FUN! I decided to put on some very short denim shorts and a tight tank top. The shorts clung very tightly to my ass and the tank clung to my swollen pecs. I felt hot and it gave me confidence.

Victor came over and smiled when I opened the door.

"SEXY man. Do you have a surprise under those shorts?" he cooed with his thick accent.

"YES! Come in."

He pulled me in for a deep kiss. He was hungry for it. His hands grabbed my ass as he kissed me.

"Fuck that ass is hard! Love your ass. I'm going to fuck it so hard."

Victor grabbed me by the back of the neck and gently, but firmly, pulled me into the bedroom. He gave me a light pat on my ass and said, "Strip!"

I pulled my tank off and then turned away from him as i pulled my denim shorts down over my ass, showing off the thong. He sat behind me on the bench at the end of my bed. His hands all over my ass cheeks as I stepped out of my shorts. He kissed each cheek as his hand reached up my back to push me over. I felt him move the strap away from my smooth hole and his tongue began to lap at it. Victor is so good at eating male pussy. His tongue reaching inside me and opening my hole. It felt amazing. He would take a short break and slap my ass playfully watching to see what would jiggle. He eventually reached up and pulled down the thong by the thin side straps and I stepped out. He turned me around forcefully as he stood up and kissed me, never letting my ass alone - a finger on or inside my pucker while he was kissing me.

He pushed me on the bed on my back and said, "Open your legs and look at me." I wantonly opened my legs exposing my hole to him. My hard dick was on my stomach begging for attention but Victor isn't really interested in my cock. His baby blues stared at me as he bent down to lap at my cunt. It was so sexy and not too many guys have done that trick to me. It is so hot exposed to a man as he eats you and stares at you. It is sexually very intimate.

In much the same way, after Victor stripped, he put me on the floor and said, "Look at Me", as he guided his cock to my mouth. It wasn't too hard not to look at him. His sexy smooth light brown skin, rippling abs and firm pecs doing their part to entice my gaze.  I stared into his eyes as he used my mouth. His hands on either side of my head as  he thrust over and over. His gaze never leaving my eyes. I felt so in his control and turned on that his cock was so hard. He pulled it out and slapped my face while he stared at me. He resumed face-fucking me while he pulled me forward so that I had to use my hands on his hips for support.

"Arch your back," Victor cooed. I somehow managed to arch my back, work on his cock with my mouth and still look into his eyes. He smiled and gasped in pleasure. I watched his eyes look at my smooth round cheeks. It turned me on so much.

Finally he pushed me on the bed onto all fours. He went back to eating my hole while he wrapped his dick with a magnum. I love that a guy can keep me open and wet while he takes care of the annoying necessity of safe sex. Without any lube he eased his cock into my hole. It burned as I hadn't been fucked in a while. I tired to be a good bottom but after a minute or two of slow fucking, I reached for the lube and managed to put a dab on his cock as he pulled out. It slipped right back in with such pleasure. He held it there for a minute while his hands roamed my body. Reaching around to grab my pecs and pinch them. He bent over and kissed my neck and then a tongue went searching in my ear. I shivered and my flesh became goose-pimpled!

Victor began fucking me very sensually to open me up. His dick slowly moving in and out. He tried to pull my head back to kiss me but somehow the mechanics didn't work. I'm tall so unless the guy fucking me is tall, this move doesn't always work. But that ever long, hungry tongue of his was able to reach mine in a snake like kiss. He quickly picked up pace and then started spanking me while thumping my ass.

Mr. Columbia finished off by flipping me over and saying, "look at me." He opened my legs and I grabbed them behind the knees. He entered me as My eyes stared into his. Was so hot! It wasn't long before I had to touch myself and I came very quickly while he was really pounding me while still staring at me. He continued to pound very hard for a couple of minutes before unloading very loudly on me. He pulled out and grunted and yelped as his gorgeous cock spewed all over me. His cum hitting my pecs and then several jets hitting me squarely in the face. Victor was breathing very heavily and I was smearing the cum on my chest and face all over me. I love that feeling.

"Look at me," Victor commanded. I looked up, covered in cum on my face and chest, and I smiled, happily drunk in the afterglow of sex. Victor smiled back and said, "hot!"


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