Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look at M e Columbia

Dear Readers - Two days ago, I was cruising Manhunt and my old fuck buddy, Victor, asked if he could come and fuck my hot ass. Victor was the guy from the post "Viva La Columbia." He is an incredible fuck but the last time we had hooked up was several months ago and I didn't know if it was because of my reluctance because of my feelings for my boyfriend or because Victor wasn't interested anymore. I am a good deal older than him so I fear that he might want someone younger. I do have a bias myself against men under 30 simply because I don't think they really know how to have sex. I know I know I shouldn't have such assumptions but in my experience men under 30 aren't so interested in turning me on as they are on pleasing themselves.  Thankfully I am proven wrong by my Colombian every time we have sex. He likes that I'm bigger than him and older. I don't know why, but I'm happy.

Victor requested that I wear a thong. One of my favorite things to wear for a guy. I feel so sexy and I love the way the strap rubs my pucker, constantly reminding me that I have a hole. FUN! I decided to put on some very short denim shorts and a tight tank top. The shorts clung very tightly to my ass and the tank clung to my swollen pecs. I felt hot and it gave me confidence.

Victor came over and smiled when I opened the door.

"SEXY man. Do you have a surprise under those shorts?" he cooed with his thick accent.

"YES! Come in."

He pulled me in for a deep kiss. He was hungry for it. His hands grabbed my ass as he kissed me.

"Fuck that ass is hard! Love your ass. I'm going to fuck it so hard."

Victor grabbed me by the back of the neck and gently, but firmly, pulled me into the bedroom. He gave me a light pat on my ass and said, "Strip!"

I pulled my tank off and then turned away from him as i pulled my denim shorts down over my ass, showing off the thong. He sat behind me on the bench at the end of my bed. His hands all over my ass cheeks as I stepped out of my shorts. He kissed each cheek as his hand reached up my back to push me over. I felt him move the strap away from my smooth hole and his tongue began to lap at it. Victor is so good at eating male pussy. His tongue reaching inside me and opening my hole. It felt amazing. He would take a short break and slap my ass playfully watching to see what would jiggle. He eventually reached up and pulled down the thong by the thin side straps and I stepped out. He turned me around forcefully as he stood up and kissed me, never letting my ass alone - a finger on or inside my pucker while he was kissing me.

He pushed me on the bed on my back and said, "Open your legs and look at me." I wantonly opened my legs exposing my hole to him. My hard dick was on my stomach begging for attention but Victor isn't really interested in my cock. His baby blues stared at me as he bent down to lap at my cunt. It was so sexy and not too many guys have done that trick to me. It is so hot exposed to a man as he eats you and stares at you. It is sexually very intimate.

In much the same way, after Victor stripped, he put me on the floor and said, "Look at Me", as he guided his cock to my mouth. It wasn't too hard not to look at him. His sexy smooth light brown skin, rippling abs and firm pecs doing their part to entice my gaze.  I stared into his eyes as he used my mouth. His hands on either side of my head as  he thrust over and over. His gaze never leaving my eyes. I felt so in his control and turned on that his cock was so hard. He pulled it out and slapped my face while he stared at me. He resumed face-fucking me while he pulled me forward so that I had to use my hands on his hips for support.

"Arch your back," Victor cooed. I somehow managed to arch my back, work on his cock with my mouth and still look into his eyes. He smiled and gasped in pleasure. I watched his eyes look at my smooth round cheeks. It turned me on so much.

Finally he pushed me on the bed onto all fours. He went back to eating my hole while he wrapped his dick with a magnum. I love that a guy can keep me open and wet while he takes care of the annoying necessity of safe sex. Without any lube he eased his cock into my hole. It burned as I hadn't been fucked in a while. I tired to be a good bottom but after a minute or two of slow fucking, I reached for the lube and managed to put a dab on his cock as he pulled out. It slipped right back in with such pleasure. He held it there for a minute while his hands roamed my body. Reaching around to grab my pecs and pinch them. He bent over and kissed my neck and then a tongue went searching in my ear. I shivered and my flesh became goose-pimpled!

Victor began fucking me very sensually to open me up. His dick slowly moving in and out. He tried to pull my head back to kiss me but somehow the mechanics didn't work. I'm tall so unless the guy fucking me is tall, this move doesn't always work. But that ever long, hungry tongue of his was able to reach mine in a snake like kiss. He quickly picked up pace and then started spanking me while thumping my ass.

Mr. Columbia finished off by flipping me over and saying, "look at me." He opened my legs and I grabbed them behind the knees. He entered me as My eyes stared into his. Was so hot! It wasn't long before I had to touch myself and I came very quickly while he was really pounding me while still staring at me. He continued to pound very hard for a couple of minutes before unloading very loudly on me. He pulled out and grunted and yelped as his gorgeous cock spewed all over me. His cum hitting my pecs and then several jets hitting me squarely in the face. Victor was breathing very heavily and I was smearing the cum on my chest and face all over me. I love that feeling.

"Look at me," Victor commanded. I looked up, covered in cum on my face and chest, and I smiled, happily drunk in the afterglow of sex. Victor smiled back and said, "hot!"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Back

Dear Readers - I'm Back! I apologize for my long silence but I had started dating someone for about 9 months. We are now in flux and I decided to drown my sorrows in the best way possible...my hole! I've been slutting it up for the past month and will post some pictures and stories. I hope you've all been well in my absence!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long Hair

One of the most recent fucks was also one of the oddest. I was talking to this guy, Marc, on A4A and he had a rocking bod! 35, 5'11,  cut up and huge biceps. Cute face with a shag kinda cut to his dirty blonde hair. It wasn't too long as to be offensive but it was a different look to what I'm really attracted to.  One thing that really turns me off is longish hair on a guy. I'm not sure if it is the femininity of the look it creates that bothers me or the jealousy it creates in me since I've never had much hair on my head to begin with. Even as a child, I had super straight, baby fine hair. I began losing hair in high school but have managed to keep enough that it looks like I still have it but I do keep it pretty short. I'm very tall so most people look up to me and can't see the shiny, large bald spot on the top of my head. I decided to hook up with this guy despite the shag cut. It didn't help that he was packing a nice thick 8" cut!

Marc came over about 45 minutes later than he said he was coming over. Points against him!  He showed up with a very fancy Russian style Siberian hat on and wearing a German-style military coat that was obviously very expensive. He was also carrying a huge backpack and I had thoughts that it might be a repeat of the tweaked out dude from last week.  Cute smile and seemed nice. He took off his hat and out came his locks which went down to the middle of his back! I instantly froze and made some comment about how that didn't look like his pics. He replied that his hair grew quickly. Marc also told me that he doesn't live in NYC but is moving here soon. He was in town for the weekend and was flying back to Pittsburgh later that night - hence the backpack. He kept on talking and talking talking. A real chatty Cathy.

After about 20 minutes and a deathly pause, "What do you have to drink?" Marc said.

"Water, Iced Tea and I think I have some Diet Coke, " I replied as I went to my fridge.

"No I meant real drinks."

I looked at him like he had five heads. It was 11AM in the morning. JESUS. I thought I was bad but I never drink that early unless I'm on vacation in Palm Springs and even then I wait until about 1 or so. Same with Europe where I always have wine with lunch. Despite my warning signs, I gave him a glass of whiskey to sip on. He was a nice guy.

"Wanna smoke? I'm dying to get high," he blurted out. My mouth was agape. What is it that in one week I had the weirdo who was tweaked early in the day and this one who is drinking and wanting to get high?

"No and I don't allow people to smoke in my apartment." Bold faced lie. I do smoke once in a while in my place but I don't normally have sex while high. I'm just not horny when I smoke. So to cushion the bad news to him, I leaned over and began kissing him. We made out for a a minute or two and he said, "Nice."

"I thought you were going to say nice to this," as I turned and pulled down my sweat pants to show off my ass. He reached out and said,"I noticed this when I came in. Grade-A muscle ass here." His hands roamed over my smooth cheeks. I felt a finger probe my hole. It entered me and I let out a sigh. A man can own me by touching my hole the right way.

"I gotta shower. Take these clothes off and get into bed. I want to come into the bedroom with you under the covers."

He showered and wrapped in a towel poked his head into the bedroom, "I'm going to refill my drink." LORD. I waited for about 5 minutes while he puttered around in the kitchen and then into his backpack. He finally came into the bedroom and his body looked pretty fantastic. His long hair was wet and stringy. YUCK. But what could I say now.

He began by laying on top of me and we made out for quite sometime. Grinding our cocks together and his very large pecs rubbing mine. He lifted my legs and began to eat me out very thoroughly by stabbing that tongue into my hole. He got it very far inside me and it felt wonderful. After 5 minutes of this, I was begging for his cock inside me. He stood up on the bed and pulled my face into his crotch. His pubic hair was very short and I pondered, as I sucked on his lovely cock, why he didn't keep much pubic hair but kept too much on his head!

Marc wrapped up and began to fuck me and came very quickly. I was actually thankful because the long hair kept getting into my face and frankly was disgusting to me since it was so stringy and wet. I felt like a cocker spaniel was on top of me!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Williamsburg Hipster

Dear Readers - I've been busy with work and life so I haven't updated in far too long. I've had some great sex in the past few days including my first hook-up with a reader of the blog. Thanks Steven. He was a nice, but domineering top. He came over and within 5 minutes he stripped me and used me in such a nice way. Loved it. Again Dear readers, hit me up if you are coming to NYC, are hot and a top. I'm even supposed to play with a bottom guy who's a reader of mine. Hopefully I'll be able to video one of these sessions and put them up. Any tops up for banging two hot bottoms? Of course there are!

I have been chatting with a guy on Manhunt for weeks and because of scheduling, and my sometimes flakiness, we hadn't met up. The stars aligned and one late afternoon he found me on Manhunt and said he'd be over in about 20 minutes. His name was Carl and he was about 5'10", dark hair, lean-ripped body with a light covering of hair. 31, Total top and into eating and pounding ass. I had chatted on the phone with him several times and agreed to his request for me to be naked on the bed with my hole facing the open door in my bedroom. Karl arrived on time and buzzed up. I unlocked the door and arranged myself on the bed. From my position on the bed, I could see the reflection of the door in my uncovered window and see him enter. He opened the door and without any words he made his way down the hall to my bedroom door. He took one look at my upturned butt and said, "Beautiful."

 Karl stripped and true to his pictures, was very hot. Not very big pecs, but very cut and light dusting of hair. Was a little more Williamsburg hipster than I generally go for but he had it going on!

I felt his tongue first on my hole and he reached under and stroked my cock while eating me out. It was like I was an animal being milked while being pleasured. I loved giving over control like this. I felt like he was pleasing and worshiping my hole. He alternated eating me out with getting on top of me and grinding his cock while turning my head to kiss me. GREAT KISSER. All with no words exchanged between us.

He flipped me over and without much warning stabbed his dick into my mouth. He was doing a push-up over me in the bed and plunged his dick slowly, then rapidly into my mouth.  About 10 minutes into all of this, he reached over for the Magnum I placed on the bedside table, wrapped up and slowly slipped his cock in with my legs in the air. Pounded me so good for about 30 minutes in a variety of positions - missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl and then on my side. Karl also liked pussy talk, calling my hole his cunt and telling me how pretty it was. He owned my pussy in that moment. I LOVED IT!  He unloaded into his Magnum when I shot my load on my side. He was so sweet and dirty.

We ended up talking for a bit after and found we had many things in common even though we are complete opposites socially. We made out for a bit longer with me naked and him clothed before I sent him out into the cold. Looking forward to a repeat.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sex with Sam before Xmas

SO I'm behind on updating my sexual exploits. I had some great sex before and around Christmas. Here is one with Sam before I left to go to Ohio.

Sam had texted me a few days before I was scheduled to leave to go to Ohio. We set up a date and time to meet which was the same night as a very important holiday business party. I suggested we play first then he could come as my date to the party. He agreed but then said only if he could sleep over. YIKES! I paused and then agreed. Dear readers - Since the blog is still in it's infancy, you may not know that I have intimacy issues that somehow don't manifest themselves to the average fuck buddy at first. I think it all stems from control issues and sleeping overnight with someone make me release control  to some degree. I never sleep all that well with someone in bed with me and I am always anxious about possibly farting, snoring and waking the other person.

Also, may I point out that in the first blog posting about Sam, he has a long-term relationship with a boyfriend. Wouldn't sleeping over at a fuck buddy's be out of the question? Not to mention being my date to a party. Oh well, who am I to question other people's fidelity issues.

SO the night came and Sam was supposed to show up around 5. I got into the shower and cleaned out. Put on my thick, silver cock ring. I got out a very sexy Rufskin jock.

Put it on and it shaped my ass beautifully. I love the ring on the side. The only problem for me with it, is that the pouch is very small and my dick barely fits. I guess that's part of the design!

Sam showed up a little bit late. I opened the door at around 5:10 and he smiled as he took me in. I was naked save for the jock on. He kissed me and came in. We chatted for a bit while he took his coat off. We generally go right to it but this time it was like old friends picking up where we left off. He talked to me about work, his partner and his upcoming Christmas Plans. After about ten minutes of this, he said, "Now let's take care of this butch bubble butt." A little back story on the "butch." Sam always says in the many times we've had sex, that what he likes best about me is besides the bubble butt, he likes that I'm a butch bottom. Not a twinky, fem guy. Growing up, I was considered very effeminate and not butch at all. I guess somewhere along the way, I got comfortable being gay and being a bottom so I project confidence. Maybe that's what turns him on.

Sam turned me around and told me to put my hands on the floor. I'm very tall so when I do this, my hole is exposed and very high. Sort of like downward dog. Sam dove in with his tongue. He ate me out like a champ. Massaging my cheeks, slapping my ass, chewing on the lips of my hole, and my favorite, spearing his tongue into my hole like a mini cock. Sam suddenly stopped.

"Baby I need to shower. Come join me."

Before I knew it, he stripped me and guided me to my shower. He got naked in a flash and I turned the water on nice and hot. We made out and bathed each other. I didn't bother to turn the lights on in the bathroom and it was very dim. We were making out very hard and Sam had two fingers inside me. He turned me around and ate me out again. The water cascading down my back onto my ass and then into Sam's face as he thrust his tongue into my hole over and over again. Sam then stood up and in one swift motion, plunged his 8" cock into my ass and then held it there.

"Damn is that one hot ass."

He fucked me slowly for just a few short, blissful minutes. I was totally in the moment thinking only of the cock inside me. Sam pulled out and told me to get on my knees. He shoved his cock into my mouth and I blew him for a bit. Water showering down around me.

"Back up and squat. I want to look at you."

 I backed up and kept stroking my dick looking up. I was wet and hard. I played with my hole looking up at my sexy fuck bud. Sam started to get a little soft. I went to suck him and he stopped me.

"I'm going to piss on you. Relax."

Now I've never been pissed on. The thought grosses me out and whenever I see it in porn it does nothing for me. But something here clicked. I was in the shower so there wouldn't be any mess. I could wash it off right away. But most of all, I was with a guy I was very hot for and TRUSTED. We hadn't had one bad sexual experience. SO I relaxed and decided to try it. Sam began with a light stream all over my head and body. Felt great.

"Open your mouth," he commanded. I obeyed. It had a slightly bitter taste and sour. "Kiss me," he barked at me. SO with a little piss in my mouth, I kissed him. He swapped it back and forth. Was so fun! I felt dirty and special. He wanted me. His dick was already hard again. He was stroking and he pushed me down again. Within 30 seconds he shot a load all over my face and then into my mouth. He tasted so good. "Kiss me." I stood up and we swapped his cum back and forth. SO hot.

I turned off the shower and we dried off. "Let's take care of that gorgeous hole now," Sam cooed at me. He moved me to the bedroom and shoved me onto the bed. AGAIN, that tongue was a heat seeking missile with my hole being the target providing the heat. He ate me out for the third time. I was squealing by this point. Hard and ready to come. He wouldn't let me touch myself though. Sam reached for a Magnum I had laid out on my nightstand. He wrapped up and lubed up. He lifted my hips so I was on all fours on the edge of the bed while he stood on the floor. Perfect height for my ass and his cock. He went in very slowly. I was a bitch in heat by this point and I backed up all the way onto his cock. He began a great steady rhythm. Sam was a master top. Really making sure he owned my hole. Caring about my comfort but not too much. That ying and yang of pleasure and pain was wonderful. Spanking and cooing and stroking. I love that. I like more pleasure than pain but ya gotta have the grits to go with the gravy.

Sam flipped me and piston fucked me while doing a push-up over me. He then laid back against the headboard and I slam fucked my hole down on him while he stroked me. I turned around and he held my hips while I leaned back and did "table" from Yoga while I slammed my ass on that fuck stick. This got him so excited and he pushed me forward so I was half-on/half-off the bed. He was very rough and fucked me very hard in that position. He grunted and began a low, guttural scream as he shot his load into my ass. He was wrapped in the condom so it was all safe but still hot.

He laid back and I laid beside him stroking his cock and feeling his hard super smooth body. He kissed me and his fingers searched for my hole. "Open your legs for me." I obeyed and felt like a super slut. Stroking my dick, he kissed me and talked so fucking dirty to me. "I own you boy. You ate my cum, drank my piss and I fucked your hole. Shoot for me. C'mon fucker shoot!" I don't know what it was but it turned me on so much. I came very hard. It took me a while to come down from the high.

We laid back in the afterglow for a long time. No words and just the Brazilian playlist on my computer playing. Was so nice. After what seemed like hours, we got dressed and headed to the party around 745. We had a great time and all of my friends asked me if Sam and I were fucking. I of course said yes. Sam would stand by me charming the pants off of everyone. He would slip his hand down the back of my jeans and finger my hole. No one could see but it felt so dirty. He made me go without underwear. We ended up back at my place around 11.  We fucked twice more that night before falling asleep.

That night was nice. Sleepless because I'm not used to having someone on me and being able to sleep. So I dozed off and on for about 1 to 2 hours at a time. In the middle of the night, around 4 AM, Sam slipped his dick inside me and began to fuck me. Within five minutes he pulled out and shot his load into my mouth. No words were spoken. We made out with his cum again and then drifted back to sleep. We woke up at about 8AM.

Sam asked me to go to breakfast with him. His treat. He wanted to take me downtown to Pastis. Great food and atmosphere. We had a lovely meal and it was so great just chatting and talking. Holding hands under the table. I pondered if this is what it's like with a great boyfriend. Maybe if Sam wasn't with his partner, we'd be together. Useless hoping but I thought if I could feel comfortable and less in control with him, I'm sure that it would be possible to be with someone else like this. Things might be looking up in the growing up part of my emotional life. Now don't get me wrong, I still want to get my brains fucked out all the time. BUT maybe it would be nice to be owned and honored by one man.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heed the Signs

Hey! So I'm finally back in NYC and arrived to a cold but sunny city. My apartment was freshly cleaned when I walked in at about 11AM. BEAUTIFUL! How I missed it. I immediately got to work doing laundry and re-arranging everything that was moved by my sublettor. Of course, I told myself that if I got all of the unpacking done and the laundry done, I could get online and start searching for some dick. About 2PM, chores finished, I went online for my reward.

About 15 minutes later I got an e-mail from a guy I had been chatting with for about a year now. Pretty handsome, RIPPED body, 36, 5.11", white guy with dark sandy blonde hair, 8" dick and a total top. The e-mail started with - "looking for now, your place." I liked that he was direct! I wrote back I could play in about an hour. I still had laundry in the dryer down the hall and I had to do some serious body grooming and clean out. He said fine and I sent my address and phone. All in three e-mails. That's how its supposed to be. He texted me and said he was looking forward to fucking my ass. NICE. Asked me my name and said his was Nate. I replied and said I'd see him in about 45 minutes.

I left the computer on and Manhunt on. I heard some beeps from it while I was showering and ignored it. Once I got done grooming and cleaning out (I MUST be super clean for me to bottom effectively), I sat down and looked at Manhunt. I had an e-mail from a super hot, lean muscle top saying he wanted to join us. I got so excited! A threesome. Nate must have asked someone if they were interested. I asked if he wanted to come now but after 10 minutes I hadn't heard anything back.

SO 3:15PM rolls around, I'm cleaned out, looking cute in a jock and stroking to get me in the mood. My doorman rings me and says Mark is here. What? I thought his name was Nate. Oh well. I decided to let fate take its course rather than protest. The doorbell rang and I open the door to a very attractive guy who is definitely not the guy from the profile. He looked vaguely familiar and he seemed to be nice. Blonde hair, 40's, muscular, and just came from the gym.

"Hey! Where are the guys?'" he said upon entering.

"Guys? What do you mean? Are you Nate?"

"No my name is Russ. I thought you were Nate?"

We looked at each other with a puzzling smile. "How did you get my address and apartment number?"

"I was online with a guy who said that he was hosting a group and to come over." He showed me on his phone. DAMN! Nate was inviting people over and not telling me. HOW RUDE! I am always up for threesomes and groups. LOVE them. I even tell my tops that if they want to bring a friend, no problem. Just make sure they are hot and want to fuck. I don't need to see pics or anything if I trust the top. Usually that's after I have had sex with them at least once.

I explained what I knew to Russ including the e-mail from the other guy wanting to come over. He was visibly weirded out. I texted Nate to see where he was and he said he was going to be there in 5. Choices. Hmmm. Do I chastise Nate? Do I kick him out? Do I try to keep hot guy here and try to get him naked? One in the hand is worth two in the bush!

I tried everything to keep the hot guy here. But He decided to leave. Was nice but I think he was too weirded out. As he was leaving, I put it together how I knew him. We met on match.com about 3 years ago and had two dates. Both of which were perfectly lovely but not much chemistry. I was always mad about that because after both dates I just wanted to get him naked and fuck. Too bad.

Hot guy left and about 5 minutes later, the doorbell rang. No announcement from the doorman. Hmmm. I opened the door and it clearly was Nate. Handsome and looked like his pics. I asked if it was Nate and he said yes. I let him in and against my better judgement, didn't say anything about the other guy. I thought he was hot and wanted to get fucked. Better not to mess it up with me accosting him. WRONG!

He immediately waltzed in and surveyed the place and walked over my WHITE shag rug (with his snowy shoes) to the corner windows and said "nice." Plopped his stuff down and asked to change the music. He hooked up his computer and started playing some generic gay dance music. He said, "Nice ass. Get naked on the bed." I was so ready to kick him out but my stupid need to get fucked kept me from saying anything. Was I really that much of an obeying bottom? I guess I was. I normally say I'm not interested immediately and am not shy about throwing a guy out. But I was so horny and he was hot so I obeyed.

Naked on the bed I waited for him to come in. He got his back pack and came in. He proceeded to re-arrange the bed a few feet, took my mirror off the wall and placed it on the window sill ( I assume to watch me suck his dick), pulled out his own lube, condoms, and poppers. Jesus. He pulled out his long dick and I began to suck all the while questioning myself and why I don't kick this shit out! As I was sucking his dick, he took a couple of hits of poppers and then took out some party favors which he proceeded to do. He lit up! That was the straw that broke the camel's back. No one smokes in my apartment!!

"Dude, this isn't going to work," I curtly said.

Without any protest, he said,"No problem." Packed up his stuff and left.

The most bizarre experience I've had in a long time. I ended up just jacking off. I'm going to have to abandon ship next time when all of the signs point to one thing.

Hopefully I'm getting fucked twice today! This time I asked more questions. More updates soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

FLEX your Nudity & Growing up at the Baths

Being in Ohio for the past 3 weeks has really taken a toll on my sex life. I think it probably has more to do with living with my parents than it has to do with Ohio itself. I've come into contact with some really hot guys via the Internet but they live 30 miles away. Now in Ohio that isn't so far away but in NYC, 1 mile away is like crossing the steppes of Russia. Its hard to hook up with that distance and with the guys living that far away from each other. So after a long week working (I'm doing a gig close to my parents), I decided to go to Flex, the only Cleveland Bathhouse since Club Cleveland closed. If I am not mistaken, Club Cleveland was one of the first, if not the first, gay owned bathhouses in the country. They had had an older space opened in 1965 and then transitioned to a brand new building around 2000 I think. I'm not sure. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Club Cleveland was the first bathhouse I went to in 1994 the summer before I moved to NYC. I moved home for the summer to work and save money to move to NYC and used the excuse that I was going downtown in the afternoons to go to the library. Little did my parents know, although maybe they do now, that I was going to the baths to get naked and to suck dick. I didn't have much sex in college. I attribute it to not feeling very good about my looks or body. I was homely compared to my other friends and I didn't have the experience to assert myself. Yet, I had this desire to get naked and be sexual with guys. I know I didn't need a romantic or psychological connection to make it happen. I just needed the  confidence. I figured out that I needed to go to a bathhouse and just go for it. I made sure that I didn't use a credit card to pay for my entrance. Although my bill was still paid for by me, it would be going to my parents and then they would open it and give it to me. I didn't want any odd charges that would make their alarm bells go off. I researched the Club, this was before the Internet, in a Damron guide at Waldenbooks. (Shoot me an e-mail or a comment if you remember Waldenbooks!!) A locker was somewhere around $10 in the afternoon  and $15 on the weekends. I brought cash.

I pulled up to the address and circled for a while. It was pretty non-descript building that had a green awning that said the address. I pulled into the side parking lot that was semi full with about 10 cars. Walked in, scared shitless, but determined to get off and get some experience! The attendant checked my ID and told me that before 8PM on the weekday, all lockers were $5 for guys under 25.  GET OUT! I had just turned 22 the month before. I was going to come a lot. I entered and they gave me a towel ad a locker key. As I made my way upstairs, I passed a hot tub on my left and a hallway with doors in front of me. I climbed the steps and made my way through the dark to find my locker. I put my clothes in the cabinet and put the towel on. Still a little shy.

I explored the various areas and since it was the afternoon, the place wasn't that busy. I kept my towel on in both the sauna and the steam room. Shy. I ended up getting sucked off by someone but that was about it. There was a corner upstairs that had ledges where you could watch porn. I got sucked off there. I wasn't into butt sex then and looking back I should have been! Ah well. Youth is wasted on the YOUTH.

I went back about 3 times a week that summer and got more comfortable and eventually graduated to weekend nights and would end up coming home to my parents, who lived about 40 minutes away at the time, at about 4 or 5 in the A.M. I told them I went out with work buddies and didn't want to drive home drunk. So I napped at their place until I was sober. My point is, is that I had a lot of young, sexual awakening experiences at that bathhouse.  My first threesome, foursome, fivesome and many group sex experiences. I started renting rooms there and began to lay naked on the bed with the door open. There was a game of guys passing and trying to figure out in the dim lighting if they were hot or not. Also trying to figure out how to get rid of them if they weren't hot. I also graduated to the thrill of wrapping up my towel on a rack outside the steam room and walking in totally naked except for the room key around my wrist. Entering the steam room and making out in the hot moist dark room with many guys at one time. ADDICTIVE!

After I moved to NYC, I ended up going back to Club Cleveland every time I was home. I think in order to keep competitive, they decided to build a new building right next door and offer lots of nicer amenities. Once they built it, they tore down the old building. The new building was cool but it never seemed to be as crowded as the old one. Honestly, I think the baths were dealt a deadly blow with the Internet age. Why go somewhere for sex when you can order in?

With all of this in the past, I went to Flex this past Saturday, hoping beyond hope I could get laid. I drove up and the place is an old greyhound bus station. The bones of the place are so cool. The layout is great and the amenities are fantastic. The only problem, is that when they have 20 men, it is EMPTY because the place is so huge. They need at least 100 men to make the place a hit. They have open showers that are so sexy and open to anyone walking through the lobby. I got naked in my room and contemplated leaving my towel. I brought it with me because the walk to the showers is sooooooo long. I didn't wrap it and slung it over my shoulder. I took the 5 minute walk downstairs to get to the showers. I was the only one in them and they had about 20 shower heads. Was lonely. Lots of looks from the 5 or so men walking by. None of whom were great.

I eventually stood at my door naked and a new guy walked by who had a very nice body and seemed cute enough. He nodded and passed me by giving me a hard look. I knew this had to be the one or I wasn't getting laid. He circled back and smiled at me. I smiled back and he immediately grabbed my dick. We went into my room and after about 20 minutes of kissing, sucking his cock (about 6"), getting my ass eaten out (GREAT JOB), and fucking me (only OK), I had gotten laid in Ohio. THANK GOD! I'm looking forward to coming home to NYC where I can order in my sex!

R.I.P. Club Cleveland and may the good days once again return if there ever were good old days.

If anyone has a great bathhouse story or a favorite bathhouse in your travels around the world, please post in the comments.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thruple Part IV

**An addendum** After re-reading the last Thruple entry (Thruple III) I realized that I forgot to mention that when Shawn stripped me in the garage and picked out a cock ring for me, he also picked out a collar that he placed on me. It was like a smallish band, with round metal studs on it. It also had a tag that said "Daddy's Boy." I can't believe I forgot that part as I am referencing it in other parts of the story. Was such a nice touch that I wasn't sure I was going to like. I ended up getting off on it and it made me feel more "owned" by them in a way. I'm sure they knew what they were doing as I'm sure they had played around this way with other guys. I'll fix that in the next couple of days in the old post.

Dear readers - I woke up on that Saturday morning very early. IN California I tend to wake up much earlier than when in NYC. I think it is because of the light. NYC doesn't get the bright, brilliant light that one gets in Southern California. In this instance, it was because Shawn woke up and was picking me up. YES. A man was picking me up out of the bed and out of the bedroom. Mornings are not my thing and I was very groggy. I was shocked that anyone could pick me up as I'm a tall drink of water but Shawn was tall and had a lot more muscle on his frame.

He spoke to me as he held me, "Shhh. I'm taking you to the play room. I don't want to wake Brad while you take care of my morning hard on. He shot so many loads yesterday and because of his work, he gets so little sleep."

"Isn't that breaking the rules?" I groggily replied.

"Yup." he smiled and then kissed me. "You are so cute in the morning with your bed head and barely opened eyes."

Both of us naked, Shawn managed to carry me down the stairs and laid me out on the mattress on my back. He wasted no time and wrapped his dick in a Magnum and lubed up. "Ready to take care of my cock pussy-boy?" Even through my morning haze, I was able to utter a "yes" and open my legs seductively. I even flexed my pucker a few times to entice him.  In one fell swoop he went balls deep. I grunted very loudly and tried to relax. He wasn't playing nice this morning. A few more deep thrusts in and out and then a serious pounding. He didn't let up even when his mouth wrapped around mine to kiss me. So great to be kissed and abused like that. Within 5 minutes of being laid on the bed, Shawn pulled out, ripped his condom off and jacked off his cock in my face. I ended up with a huge facial all over my my hair and face. Shawn bent down, with no hesitation, and began to eat the cum off my face. I went to kiss him, opening my mouth to try and taste as well. He was tentative at first because of our commitment to play safe and not share cum, but I was throwing caution to the wind. He opened up and we shared a kiss that tasted salty and full of cum. SO nice.

After a post coital nap of about 20 minutes on the bed, Shawn took me to the shower off of the room facing the patio and hooked the douche hose up. He kissed me and we exchanged no words. He took off my collar and placed me in the shower. He then went to make coffee and breakfast. I spent a good 15 minutes hosing myself out. I knew that I was going to be used as much as the day before and wanted to make sure that I was spic and span. I finished cleaning up and dried off. I grabbed the collar off the counter and proudly naked I walked into the kitchen to grab some grub and coffee. Shawn had put on some lounge pants but I was still naked. We kissed as he handed me my coffee and we chatted about life and sex and boyfriends. He was amazed someone hadn't put a collar on me before and that I was single.

"If I was single and unattached, I'd own that butt in a minute. A good pussy like that to fuck every night is so worth it."

Before long, Brad came down the stairs. He had also put on lounge pants. I sighed as I caught his gaze. He was so fucking sexy - dark hair askew, major 5 o'clock shadow, huge hairy pecs with a treasure trail leading down to the top of the lounge pants. That BIG cock outlined and meaty from its morning tumescence, waiting for me to service it.

 "Good morning boys," Brad uttered in that deep bass voice. My cock was getting hard again. He just did it for me every time. I beamed at him from behind my cup of coffee.

"Morning Daddy," I coyly said.

"Speaking of Daddy, where's your collar boy?"

"I had him take it off while he cleaned up. I broke the rules and had to pound my morning load out," Shawn confessed.

Brad smiled and said "I see. Only one way to make that even." He grabbed the collar I placed on the counter and came over to me and kissed me hard. He snapped it back into its place as he took me back into the guest bedroom and then shut the door. Brad forcefully pushed me onto the bed on my stomach and began to massage my ass. Opening and closing my cheeks while he kissed my pucker.

"Tastes so fucking good. I could get used to this," he said as is tongue began to probe the inside of my ass chute. Before long, I felt that monster of a cock at my opening. He slowly entered me and again, with very little pain considering the size, he went balls deep. Some people say that the more you want the cock, the less pain that it is when it enters you. I kind of agree. I craved Brad's monster because I just dug him as a person and his manly, muscle daddy look. I guess when you crave it it doesn't hurt quite so much. He didn't last long and after about 2 minutes, he came rather quickly. He pulled out and flipped me over and began to kiss me. "I'm going to fuck you again real soon. I took a Cialis yesterday and it is good all weekend. " I guess it pays to be a doctor!

We made out and I sucked his dick again. About 15 minutes after he came, he was already hard and ready to be milked. I took charge this time and mounted him facing him. I slid my pussy onto that monster and ground my hole down into his pubes. GLORIOUS feeling. His hand was on my cock the whole time not letting me touch it. I began to ride him. He flipped me to face away from him after a little bit. I rode him reverse-cowboy style. My hands were supporting myself backwards on his shoulders as his hands were on my hips moving me up and down on his cock. His own personal Fleshjack. I was moaning and making a lot of noise. How could I not with that huge cock inside me? I heard the door open and since I was facing the door riding Brad's cock, I looked up and Shawn said, "What a view!" I began to ride it more sensually knowing I had an audience. I stared at him as I slam-fucked my pussy onto that billy club. He watched for a bit before he reached out to my cock and began to stroke it. I shot all over myself and back onto Brad. Shawn smeared it into my pecs and abs as Brad held my waist and began to really pommel my ass. Brad began to howl as he came and pounded me at the same time. Was so hot getting fucked in that position. I felt like a complete whore. Was so fun.

I got cleaned up and after some relaxation and lunch, their friends were scheduled to come over ad use the pool. I was told to go out and jump in the hot tub. Brad took off my collar and I obeyed - but only after much kissing. Anxious and nervous about new people joining our fuckfest. I was out in the pool and the hot tub really enjoying my time. My muscles had no tension in them and was relieved not to think about clothes. Brad and Shawn came out with their two friends, Mike and Eric. Both were about 5'10" and blondish, maybe around 45. Nothing to write home about in the looks department but not horrible. I had to get out of the hot tub to greet them. I stood up totally naked, save for my cock-ring, and shook their hands. I felt their gaze on me.

"Beautiful fucking boy you have here, Brad," said one of them. "Are you sure its OK to play with him?"

"Of course," Brad quickly said. "What is ours, is yours today. Let's get into the pool and Shawn will get drinks."

Back into the pool, Mike and Eric had board shorts on while Brad, and when Shawn came to rejoin us, had speedos on. And you guessed it, I was naked. The guests were very fresh and began fondling me immediately. I have to admit, even though they were not as hot as Brad and Shawn, I totally got off on being the naked pussy boy. Mimosas in hand and conversation flowing as I floated in front of one of them expounding on my life in NYC and various things. He held my ass while i floated sipping my cocktail. Was nice! Eventually one of them said, "Brad you have to let us have him. This is torture."

"Take him into the guest room. He's all yours. One and only rule is you must play safe."

I was led now by one of them, dripping wet, to the sliding door to the bedroom and dried off. My damn dick was hard again. I think the combination of being the only one naked and all of the sexual attention on me got me going. I leaped into the room and got on all fours and presented my ass to the door. Mike, I think, came in and shut the door behind Eric and pulled the curtain. I don't think they had played with Shawn and Brad. Eric got busy and started eating me out while Mike stripped and shoved his cock into my mouth. He was very average in the cock department, but what wouldn't be after servicing two monster cocks for the last 24 hours? I sucked Mike while being eaten out by Eric who was also into my dick. "Beautiful, big cock on you for a bottom." Now I'm about 7.5" hard and consider myself to be well-hung but by no means a big cock. I had never been told that. Was nice to feel adored for things other than my pucker. Mike tossed Eric a condom while he fed me his dick. Eric wrapped up and entered me. No problems. Went in so smooth and he fucked me very nicely for a long time. All while Mike alternately shoved his dick in my mouth and then pulled out to watch Eric. No kissing. Was kind of a let down actually. Kissing is one of the things that really gets me going. Soon enough Mike came and it was Eric's turn. He kept stroking before he put his condom on. However, something wasn't right and he couldn't get hard enough.

"I haven't put a condom on in a long time since I only fuck Mike when I top. Seems to not want to work. Can I please fuck you without one?" Such puppy dog eyes accompanied this plea. I said no. I figured I held out against the two guys I most wanted to be bred by, Brad and Shawn, why was I going to give in to someone I didn't even find all that hot. So Eric ended up just jacking off onto me after a long 15 minutes of stroking with Mike kissing him making him feel comfortable and such. I mentally was doing a laundry list of things to get done back in NYC while he stroked one out. The guys pulled their board shorts back up and went back out to the pool. I cleaned up and went out as well.

Shawn pulled me over to him in the hot tub and fondled me while the conversation kept going. I just wanted the guests to leave so that I could get back to focusing on my MEN. Finally, after a small repast, many mimosas, and lots of talking, Mike and Eric left. Shawn showed them out and Brad came over to me and led me back into the guest room. He kissed me hard and then replaced the collar around me. This time he backed me up into the sling in the corner of the room.

"You were such a good boy for us. Thank you for giving them what they wanted." I beamed getting praise from such a hot man! I laid down in the sling thinking I was going to get my reward right then and there. It was so hot being in the sling. I had never been in one even in my several years of visiting sex clubs. Mostly because at sex clubs, the guy in the sling has no control over whether the guy was fucking you safely or not. I was so excited to experience this.

Brad lifted each leg into leather restraints that he tied and buckled pretty tightly as I held onto the chains. Brad stood up and walked up to my head trailing his fingers over my naked body. He grabbed restraints at the top of the sling and buckled my wrists into them. I couldn't get out if I wanted to. He trailed his fingers and hands down my body as walked back to the bottom. My legs opened revealing my hole very prominently.

"So fucking hot. My own personal pussy boy." Hearing how I was pleasing him just by being naked and obedient made my dick swell. I was so hard. Shawn came in and said, "nice!" Shawn grabbed a small plug from the dresser nearby. He lubed it up and inserted it into my spread hole. It was small but hit my prostate perfectly. SO NICE. Brad came up and kissed me. "We're going to take a nap. Shut your eyes and relax." They closed the drapes and left the room. I was almost drunk,  restrained in a sling with a plug in my hole and just taking in what had happened in the last couple of days. My dick refused to go down. I decided to nap. I just shut my eyes and dozed off. For how long I do not know.

When I awoke, it was to the feeling of  the plug being removed from my hole. Barely awake, Shawn started to fuck me. It was dark out and there was barely any light in the room. Shawn's muscular body was undulating trying to get his cock farther into me. This made the sling, swing back and forth, fucking me onto his cock. Was so fun. Shawn pulled up and Brad, who had been watching,  pulled up and held me onto his dick. The outline of his muscular, hairy pecs made me swoon. I wanted to reach up and hold those beauties but my hands were restrained. Brad pushed the sling and it fucked me onto his cock. It felt wonderful to be used like this - naked, restrained, my legs open, collared and a cock ring on. I was in a real life porn movie. My hard dick was resting on my abs. Shawn came around and played with the pecs I longed to touch on Brad. He kissed him. They switched positions several times in the next hour. I was just a hole to be used and fucked. They both came and started to both give me a blow job. Kissing across my cock. Teasing me, and edging me. When I came, I screamed. It was an intense cum while being restrained.

They let me out of the sling and Shawn again picked me up and moved me to the bed. I had lost all feeling in my legs being opened that long. We laid on the bed, not speaking for a long time. Just soaking in the wonderful, intense fuck. Brad interrupted the reverie.

"We think you should come live with us and be our third."


"Come live with us full-time or for a few months. We'd love to have you and have access to that body. Hopefully it could develop into a relationship."

Shawn then said, "Don't answer now. Think about it. Brad and I have been talking about it for the last 12 hours non-stop. We love having you around, the conversation is great and the sex, well...the best of our lives."They massaged me and played with me a bit more and then we ate.

That night we fucked a lot more - by the pool in the moonlight, in the playroom, in the fancy room on the bearskin rug and in their bedroom. And the next day as well. I left them on Monday morning, having come upwards of 10 times that weekend and being fucked many more than that. Shawn had unlocked the locker and dressed me himself. I felt amazing if sore in my jaw and my pussy. I did a lot of thinking between being used and fucked about their offer. I think I could be so happy sexually in that situation but emotionally I think I need to be one on one. I've toyed with the idea of calling them up to say I've got a month to come out and try it out and just see but I've chickened out every time. I've met up with them a couple of times since when work has taken me to LA and the sex continued to be amazing. I wonder if I did the right thing! Hmmmmmm

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blogger Help

Anyone know how to do the formspring widget on blogger? I don't know how to post the link to my formspring account so readers can ask me questions. I'm dying for more interaction between myself and my readers.

Also, if you are a top or a really hot bottom visiting NYC, e-mail me and we can set up a great fuck session!

More stories this weekend. Hopefully Thruple part IV and the German Sex Club.

Friday, January 7, 2011

German Nudity

Writing the last post reminded me of a great time in my life about 2 years ago when I was in Berlin, Germany. I was working in Germany for about 6 months. I was treated like a king by my employers - 5 star hotel suite, free breakfasts, first class airfare and a great job. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was in pretty good shape at the time and wanted to keep it up. Plus everytime I go to a gym out of town, I pick up many guys. Gyms are great places to pick guys up and I tend to be pretty successful at that. I have a nice body but not anything like a Chelsea boy. Somehow it all works out and I give off great sexual energy, some would say BOTTOM energy, and guys seem to come to me.

My employers got me a discount at a gym that was between my hotel and the work place. Easy to get to right after work. It was in a modern building in Charlottenburg which is in West Germany. The building was modern with a lot of glass. The gym was on the 14th floor. There are not many skyscrapers in Berlin so when you looked out of the gym, you had a pretty amazing view. For some reason, they put the locker rooms on the outside of the building where all of the lockers faced the windows. That means that at night, which in Germany comes VERY quickly in the fall and winter, if you look up from the streets, you can see some dick. After my first visit to the gym, I made sure that I would only go in the evening and take one of the lockers closest to the windows.

The second time I went to the gym, it was about 5PM and pitch black out. I got one of the outer lockers and stripped fully naked to put my gym clothes on. I packed all of my clothes away before getting my jock and gym clothes out. Getting as close to the windows as possible. My dick got hard as I thought of the people looking at me naked in buildings close by or even the street.

As I slowly put on gym gym clothes, a cleaning lady came through with a mop. YES. In the men's locker room, a woman was coming through cleaning. Apparently the men's locker room was attended by  a female. I didn't know this at the time, but found out later at the DDR East Germany museum in Berlin, that  Germany has a long history of being very liberal in the nudity sense. They had a very thriving nudist community there. The communists try to rid it when they took over, but failed to do so. I've always been a sexual nudist but I also am intrigued by mixed gender nudity and familial nudity. For me, I think it would be weird to be a kid and be naked with your parents, but in one sense it does seem kind of natural. The museum had pictures of families in the 1950's and 1960's naked and frolicking in the country. I was shocked and intrigued all at the same time. Back to the locker room.....

SO I barely got my jock on when this woman was walking through mopping the floor. I was flabbergasted and quickly put my tank and shorts on. I got to the gym floor and surveyed the landscape to see what hot boys were there. SEVERAL. The problem with Germans though is everyone looks gay. Maybe its the whole gay or European thing but I didn't know where to focus my attentions. I decided to just keep on task of trying to make my body beautiful.

At the end of the work-out, I go back into the locker room where the cleaning woman is now scrubbing toilets. I was still flummoxed at the notion but decided to just get naked anyways. I stripped at my locker, and left my towel in the locker. Totally naked except for my shower flip flops. I walked through the maze of lockers off to the shower. Thank god these showers were gang showers and not individual, curtained off cubicles. I soaped up and glanced at the show around me. There were about 5 guys in the large shower room and all were showing off. I think in hindsight they were mostly straight, but it truly felt like they were gay and showing off for me. Hot Uncut German dick. Everywhere! No one was cruising me or grabbing me though so I turned off the water and began to follow one of the guys to a door that led out of the men's locker room. I decided to go back and grab my towel.

BOING!) and about 9" of uncut Deutsch DICK.  How could anyone not get hard?

The women were chatting away and all of these guys weren't paying any attention. I'm gay and I'm boring holes into the cock and pecs of this German God. These straight boys must be dying with so much female nudity in front of them. These girls were in great shape too. These boys must be doing the same thing I'm doing.

Finally everyone cleared out after about 10 minutes. I had gone out and used the cold shower and then came back in. The Hot German was still in there and I went to sit up on the top shelf sort of close to him. He turned to me almost immediately and spoke something in German about eyes and horny. My German was OK but not great yet. I spoke in German and said I'm American and in a thick German accent, in English he says, "I saw you staring at me with your eyes. Come suck my dick." I smiled and went to work.

His dick was so beautiful. Thick and long and a trimmed but yet still bushy, bush. NICE. I sucked for a while, slowly and surely. He eventually stood up and began to face fuck me. I was chocking and slobbering all around it. I loved it and kept trying to make a vacuum with my mouth. Tried making it oh so tight. It worked and eventually he pulled out and began to shoot all over my face. He looked down at me and wiped his cock on my face in his spooge. SO hot. All of this right before a very attractive male/female couple came in. The hot German walked down and patted my ass as he left. I couldn't turn around right away as I had cum dripping from my face and I was leaking from my hard cock. I waited a minute as I tried to get the cum off before walking out and running to the cold showers near by. I washed everything off but couldn't get my dick soft. I'm sure the couple knew what was going on.

I then walked into the hot Finnish sauna and walked in and jacked off by myself. I  imagined the Hot German piercing me with his cock in my ass. Making me his. That got me off so quickly. Again I went to the cold shower and washed the cum off of me. My dick finally went down and I got my towel and went back into the men's room. As I dropped my towel at the locker, the cleaning lady made a pass by again. She looked at me this time, as I was buck naked, and smiled. I smiled back. Well, at least the locker room is going to be cleaned!

I have another longer story about the HOT HOT HOT German sex club I went to. Please remind me to jot down this experience as it was incredible!